Thanks for dropping in. Hopefully, you’re learning a lot so far. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Now, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a lover of all things beauty, health, and wellness. I’m a pharmacist by training, so reading medical articles and making science fun is my preferred mode of geeking out. I took an untraditional route for my pharmacy career… are you surprised? What do I mean? Well, I work in healthcare advertising and help pharmaceutical companies educate patients and healthcare professionals about their medicines and various medical conditions in an impactful way. I have to say, and I love it… it allows me to be creative and innovative while making a difference in people’s lives. Like a true millennial, I wear multiple hats. Out of my science and medicine world, I’m a beauty entrepreneur and run a beauty business. So when I’m not teaching people how to live well and be healthy, I’m making women feel beautiful. I have the best of both worlds. Feel free to check it out. My beauty and skincare routine is part of my well-being. I value it as much as I appreciate maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to makeup, I always take the less is more approach. Ok, so I would not exactly call myself a minimalist—I love a pop of color on my lips or a sultry, smokey eye. However, my #1 goal when it comes to makeup application, whether it’s for my beauty clients or me is to achieve flawless looking skin. I love hearing, “Wow, your skin looks amazing, I didn’t even know you were wearing makeup?” I owe it all to taking good care of my skin. After all, beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin. Did I mention, I’m an avid runner and fitness enthusiast. It’s all about taking care of your body inside and out. As I said, beauty is holistic. I’ve been a runner my entire life, well for 17 years—so fitness is a big part of my lifestyle. In 2016, I officially checked off one of my bucket-list items and completed the NYC Marathon!! What an amazing experience. Best feeling ever— well, after the soreness went away!!