You walk into the beauty department, and you’re surrounded by a plethora of skin care and beauty products and stylish marketing ads

The array of choices has you feeling overwhelmed and frankly speaking, ready to walk right back out. Suddenly, you’re greeted by a lovely representative who gives you a rundown of the hot picks for the month. And in the back of your mind, you’re thinking, “OK, that’s a start… but are just trying to push sales of this product? Do you really know if it’s going to help me?”  From this conversation, it sounds like every product in the store will solve all of your skincare concerns-but in reality, that’s probably NOT going to be the case. Now, you’re back to where you started. You still don’t have the slightest clue about which products to choose or which ones will work for YOU.

Think of The Beaute Script as your go-to guide for a healthy glow-up, providing you with credible information that’s going to have you looking and feeling fabulous inside and outside. 

I want to make sure you have access to credible beauty and wellness information, help cut through the hype of skincare marketing claims, clear the confusion around product selections, and provide insights on your skin concerns. So, from Your Skin Cares series with dermatologists or interviews with other skincare professionals and wellness experts, the goal is to have you glowing from on the outside in and from the inside out. After, beauty and wellness go hand in hand. I hope you leave empowered with the knowledge that will help you discover what really works for YOU.